8 Ways To Make Money With Pinterest

Are you interested in learning to you can make money leveraging one of the largest web sites online?

Well, let me tell you about Pinterest then!

Pinterest is a visual search engine and is the third largest search engine behind Google and YouTube.

People use Pinterest for ideas and discovery and with close to 460+ million active monthly users, there is no shortage of reach when it comes to promoting and making money with Pinterest.

So let’s cover 8 different ways that you can make money using Pinterest.

1. Affiliate Marketing: Pinterest allows affiliate marketing, so this is clearly one of the easiest ways to start earning some affiliate commissions. You can promote products or services offered by different companies. You can tap into large affiliate networks like Clickbank.com or SharASale.com and select from thousands of vendors to promote. As soon as a lead is generated (CPA) or a sale (CPS) is made through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. You can include your affiliate link in the pin destination or use Pinterest’s new “paid partnership” feature to disclose your relationship with the brand.

2. Sell Physical Products: Many brands that have ecommerce presence use Pinterest to drive traffic and sales. You can create pins that showcase your products, services, and then link directly to your store. Pinterest can work with your existing catalog feed to dynamically showcase your products

3. Sell Digital Products: Pinterest is a great place to sell digital products. You can either create your own products or simply sell private label rights (PLR) products to people in certain niches. This can include ebooks, checklists, cheatsheets and full courses. You can use platforms like Gumroad or Teachable to create and sell your products, and use Pinterest to promote them.

4. Consulting Services: If you’re an expert in a particular field, you can offer consulting services through your Pinterest account. This could include marketing, personal development, SEO, relationships counselling and this list can go on and on. You can create pins that promote your consulting services, and link to your website or portfolio.

5. Lead Generation: You can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website and capture the prospect’s contact info with an optin form. You can create pins that showcase your content, and link to your website. Many Pinterest users have built email lists with tens of thousands of subscribers with just Pinterest traffic.

6. Traffic Generation: Many users use Pinterest as a traffic source to their blog or website so that can generate ad revenue.  This can be from running Adsense ads or banners from specific advertisers. There are many ad exchanges that are always looking for publishers to run their ads.

7. Influencer Marketing: If you have a large following on Pinterest, you can easily team up with brands to showcase their products or services. You can create a board or individual pins that have you endorsing their products or services. Brands are always looking for influencers to raise brand awareness.

8. Offer Services: If you have a specific skill or expertise, you can offer services through your Pinterest account. This could include social media management, graphic design, or writing. You can create pins that promote your services, and link to your website or portfolio.

Overall, there are many ways to make money with Pinterest, and the key is to find a strategy that works for you based on your skills and interests. Whether you’re promoting products, services, or content, Pinterest can be a powerful platform for driving traffic and sales.

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