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Welcome To Digital Sumo

Welcome to the first official post on the Digital Sumo blog.

My name is Gauher Chaudhry and I’ve been an online entrepreneur for over 20 years now.

During this time, I’ve built multiple, million dollar online companies.

The aim of this blog is for my team and I to share our experiences with regards to marketing online.

Specifically about traffic and conversions.

Building an online business comes down to basically three vital parts.

1. A Good Offer

2. Quality Traffic

3. Optimized Conversion Funnel

You get these three parts right, and you have a viable and sustainable business.

There is a lot of information online and you can get easily overwhelmed, which leads to inaction.

Although tactics and hacks can lead to better conversions, the most important thing to remember is having an overall strategy.

Stick with this blog as we break down the golden nuggets of online marketing. This will help you build a viable business, which in turn, leads to a freedom lifestyle.

I welcome your comments.


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  • I’ve only just started my business but am overwhelmed with everything. I would like to start generating leads bit don’t know where to start.

    • Hi Victoria, it’s tricky when you are stuck in overwhelm. Lead generation doesn’t have to be complicated. I’d start by creating a simple optin page giving away a lead magnet. I have found Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to be the best sources for quality leads.

      Hope this helps,

  • Glad to see this blog, I will be following it. I agree with those Three steps you list above…three pretty big ones, each one quite complictaed to master. Can’t believe IM Stealth is closed, is that permanent?

    • Hi Paul, yes we closed IMStealth permanently. It will be replaced with a newer membership site with more content and features.


      • More content..? You must be kidding, the value you delivered is very hard to beat
        I am looking forward to joining ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey Gauher, you commented this on March, nowadays maybe IMStealth finally was replaced by Digital Sumo Elite? Could you please confirm this? Thanks!

  • Avatar Rolland Blom

    Finally! Someone willing to keep it simple. Over complication does lead to overwhelm and inaction. Gauher I do believe you and your team are steering us in the right direction. I can’t wait to read your next post.

    • Thanks Rolland. I believe that is why most marketers are failing online today. They over-complicate things unnecessarily and I admit the sheer amount of information and tools is a contributing factor. Let’s keep it simple and aim for results.


  • Great definition of the fundamentals. However, each description is just the tip of an iceberg! LOL.

  • Hi, I’m also at the starting line. Great points, I keep reading and over whelmed with information. I would love for you to expound on “must have software” to automate and simplify. Thanks for the time and consideration.

  • I’m running my online business during lunchtime, afterhours and on a few hours weekend days so I HAVE to focus,focus, focus. 80/20 applies as I have 80% stuff I’ve acquired that I won’t and shouldn’t even touch. Delete, delete, delete.

    • Hey Bill, you make a good point about FOCUS. The most successful entrepreneur were ULTRA-FOCUSED and didn’t let anything distract them from the final goal.

      Great feedback.

  • Let me be the first to CONGRATULATE you on the new Digital Sumo blog.

    I wholeheartedly concur that simplification and streamlining are the way to go in this day and age which is why I began unsubscribing from a multitude of lists years ago. Yet, I’m still on yours so that must tell you something. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yes I agree. Keep it Simple Stupid we used to say!!!
    I have already downloaded your Rolodex. Thank You so much.

  • Avatar Nicolas Hernandez

    Hi Gauher.
    I’m excited to be here, with you, on your blog.
    I have been in marketing for about 5 years, but I have failed a lot.
    Currently I run offers in PPV (Propel Media), with direct elance.
    With PPV, has spent about 50K for the platform, having a ROI of 30%, in the last 6 months.
    But I do not have a sales funnel, this part is missing, I do not have a mailing list, it seems logical to have it, but I do not have it.
    Now I’m starting my Shapafay shop haha.

  • Love the transparency. I may have said this before but it is so refreshing to have someone outline the basics. I sometimes think because we have access to every tool and piece of technology we feel we MUST use it to stay competitive. I personally feel the market is as overwhelmed at all of the bells and whistles coming at them as we are trying to figure out what new tactic to use.

  • Always great information Gauher. Thanks.

  • I’m embarrassed to say how long I’ve been trying create a profitable business online and still haven’t. I did what you did, I got rid of everything that wasn’t going to help me focus on being successful. Between two brothers, and I’m pretty sure you know the ones I’m talking about, I was trying to do something that I should have known wasn’t going to work. Between the two of these guys, great guys by the way, they each had two weekly webinars and one had a third one. So I was trying to go to five webinars a week. I must have been insane to try to keep up with that. I’m working with Ricco Davis now on CPA offers and funnels and I’m not doing anything else. No more shinny objects for me. I had 19 Godaddy domains most of which I was never going to use. Money down the drain. I would like to do some PPV but one thing at a time. Let me know when you have something new posted on the blog. Talk soon.

  • Yes I agree 100% overwhelm is the biggest issue we face as marketers. It’s so many people that’s are preaching the next best traffic source, software, or automation tool. Many times they make it seem like it’s easier than it really is just to make sales even though its much more to it. Out of all the emails I get you are one of the few I look forward to opening because at the least you are honest and moral unlike many marketers today. Look forward to your blog.

  • just got here after reading your email…

    then i checked out IMStealth and its really closed…


    when did it hit you that it was too much?

    • Hi Ike, it’s not that it was too much. It didn’t make sense to run that through a different platform, with a different merchant processor and a different support team. I’m simplifying with a new integrated membership site soon.


  • Short, sharp and straight to the point. And true. You’re exactly right Gauher. Those 3 things are all you need. Like you, I am simplifying to the max after years of adding stuff I just don’t need. Keep up the good work. I’m sorry I won’t be able to see you in Toronto for your event. Just can’t get there for this one.

  • Victoria, feeling the same ๐Ÿ™‚ but by reading this it seems much simpler than we think. I enjoy reading blogs like this one. Hi Gauher and thank you for your blog.

  • I started watching jay wessman fantastic u tube videos. But he disappeared.
    Everyone says thay make millions! I have been a successful builder. My body can’t work now as I’m 62 And would like to get $500 per week is fine. Is affiliate marketing an easy way?

    I have not started yet- still homework

    • Hi Robert, yes affiliate marketing can yield you $500 a week. It starts with finding the “right offer” to promote. One that adds value and has a good converting funnel. Then it’s just a matter of getting the right targeted traffic.


  • Great post! Concise yet informative. How about explaining Optimized Conversion Funnel so us neophytes can know what it means?

  • Would love to hear about how you schedule your day and how you prioritize each “to dos”. Also, would be great if you can touch based on “How to build a team”. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Im with you Gauher, i am a bit OCD so I try and keep things organized and simple. But im in a bit of a more complex boat as I typically buy other peoples web businesses, so i have to basically go in and cut out all the junk and make it more organized that it usually comes to me. As far as email subscriptions, training and “the latest and greatest XYZ method or idea” i am incredibly guilty of it, i wish i could ignore and let go, but i have a to do list and “idea list” that are literally 2 pages long, of size 11px font ๐Ÿ™ I bought Calebs course through your link ($3K) havent actually watched a video yet, its terrible.

    • Hi Shawn, sounds like you just need to get focused and zero on to one thing to do and get done. My “to do” list is very small now and I try not to add things I know will never happen.

  • Avatar Aboobucker Siddique

    Simple but powerful!

  • Love the distilling down to 3 key factors.

  • I would like to know more about “focus”. What is within the boundaries and what is outside.

    Like you can combine a digital with physical business.

    How far to go to remain within focus?

  • After 17 years in the game, I would add 2 more items: a new SELF-IDENTIFY consistent with being a consumer turned producer and a community of like minds… once you’ve been online for a while, you realize that yes in practice on a logical level there are only three things you need: traffic, conversions, a winning offer. But here’s the thing… Why is it that there are people who know those three things, but yet they don’t execute? I submit that it’s the Emotional part… That people haven’t changed their mindset or self-identity and they hit that invisible ceiling. I also think that because people usually go from being one of the crowd to being different when they become an entrepreneur, even the most Emotionally strong person on the planet is going to need some support. So to put it in a different perspective, there are three things we need to achieve any online selling goal: doing the right thing, which you addressed ie traffic conversions and a product. But also the right environment, and the right mindset.

  • I have been following Gauher for about 7 years now and he’s one of the few good guys in the online marketing world. Main challenge these days in running an online business is staying focus. these 3 points are a good place to refer to every time you get overwhelmed

  • Thx Gauher for starting new blog . I learn a lot from you about marketing last few years . I like to ask you a question it’s possible you can put training together to promote CPA offer and Clickbank offer . Last thing cpa and Clickbank still works ?

    Regards !

    Harman Dhillon

  • Hello Gauher,

    you are so right. I have done many things without focus. So nรณw I will focus on one thing and bring it to a good end.

  • I have been subscribing and unsubscribing to people for years. I am staying on your list. You are a wonderful instructor, pioneer, and implementor. I feel so blessed to have found you. I use a free service called that helps your inbox stay clean and not overcrowded. It rolls up all of your subscribtions that you want to keep and you click on “unsubscribe” for the ones you want to stop coming inside of your inbox. That is one of the ways that I stay organized. As I find more helpful tips, I will share them in here with the group.

  • Keeping it simple sounds great. I’ve tried that a few times, but haven’t been too successful at it.

    I think now is the time to force myself to do that.

    Thanks for reminding me.

    Looking forward to more from you.

  • You are so right. It is so easy to over complicate things. There are lots of good ideas and easy to get distracted. I like your simplified approach

  • Yes true. I am inundated with email about so many offers. I have not been able to sit and do internet marketing although very interested in doing so. Hope that your new website can get me profitable.

  • Avatar Michael Gurevich

    Yes, I agree. I have respect for you for doing it for so long. I am in ecom, shopify store… I am a member of about 10 groups and gurus. Too much info and tidbits and nobody is really laying out a structure. I’ll keep reading your blog. Good luck my friend

  • Hi Gauher,

    I agree with your simplification strategy. I realized early this month that I had two monthly subscriptions that I was paying for but not necessarily taking advantage of. I just canceled them and will save $200 monthly. It pays to simplify things. Thanks for your contribution. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. All the best!

  • Hi Gauher,
    How timely to get this post. I have just today decided to simplify.
    I really needed to do this and am looking for help here.

  • Avatar Verna Badenhorst

    Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Thanks for always giving great advice that is super easy to understand.

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