The Single Best Way To Reverse Engineer Your Competition And Gain Five Advantages

When your competition is dominating the market, you still want your piece of the action but may feel defenseless when it comes to getting your share.

While there’s no real way to dissect the competition’s success model at the surface level, there’s a surefire way to get inside their digital walls to see what’s working for them.

You can reverse engineer and reproduce your own similar version of their winning business model and start gaining your share in the marketplace.

Sure it’s a little sneaky, but it’s legal sneaky stuff as they leave their welcome mat wide open for you to come right on in.

What are we talking about?

Opting into your competitions marketing funnel from as many angles as you can.

• The free offer – take it!
• The paid upsell – grab it!
• More than one competitor?

Jump in on as many as you can!

This is the perfect entry point to get behind their digital walls to see what’s going on with the success of your top competitors.

A case in point is the iPhone. Apple wasn’t the first in the market with mobile devices.

Instead they watched their competition establish the marketplace and make all the mistakes from trial and error.

Next, Apple took what was in the marketplace and made significant improvements coming out with a superior version of mobile devices that took the market by storm.

The rest is history, but this is a perfect example on how to watch a market closely then after it’s established, move in and reverse engineer your competition by making improvements to claim your market share.

And it happens every day in worldwide markets with huge companies spying on each other. However, you can do the exact same thing in your online marketing.

But you don’t have to dominate the market to grab a piece of a lucrative share. All you have to do is a good job reverse engineering what’s working in your niche and execute it well.

Once in your competition’s funnel, be sure to save every URL in a doc file for future reference. Note the order and sequence of what pages you visited to get through the initial funnel, etc.

At this point you should have a picture of what your competition’s prospects see and experience when engaging with them.

However, this is just scratching the surface. As a prospect you are now on their freebie list and you’ll want to watch the email follow ups they send to you closely. Save them in a folder.

After a week or so of freebie content, note the upsell offers along the way.
Keep all emails and the URLS they send you to in a doc file as you are documenting their funnel as you go.

Next, you’ll want to grab an upsell to also get on their buyers list. Now you will see how they communicate with their buyers and continually move them up the ladder to the higher-priced products they offer.

There is a lot to be learned in this process. And once you have studied their sequence of web pages and emails they put list members through in their funnel, you can then begin creating your own similar funnel to prosper with.

The 5 Advantages Of Reverse Engineering Competitor Funnels

Advantage 1: Avoid the trial and error of pitfalls many companies stumble through before they know what works in the marketplace. By watching successful competitors you can be sure you are reverse engineering funnels that produce profits and results. This cuts down on the risks your business has to take while letting others do the hard market research for you.

Advantage 2: Gain market reach by knowing what elements to include in your marketing funnel. You are in essence borrowing a complete template of successful funnel marketing with pages and emails that are proven to work and can be replicated.

Advantage 3: Save time. With the time and effort it takes to do marketing research to create a profitable marketing funnel with all the split testing and sweat equity involved, you are way ahead of the game when you can simply copy a blueprint and work from it.

Advantage 4: Insight to improve on your competitors by seeing what they have and adding your own twist to make something better. Or you can find weak points in their products and overcome it offering a better product or service to the marketplace which will make your company known for having the better mouse trap. And it can happen from simply reverse engineering your competitions marketing funnels.

Advantage 5: Profiting from other people’s experience and knowledge where you can adapt it for your own success even though you were not the first in the market. Since ideas by themselves cannot be copyrighted or trademarked, you can take great ideas and make them work for your business as well.

Success leaves footprints and in every profitable funnel there’s a blueprint you can reverse engineer to follow the steps.

Of course each business is unique and you’ll need to tweak anything you reverse engineer. However, most of the hard work and marketing research has already been done for you.

And this is a huge overall plus that can improve your business success factor by 10 fold and more.

Opting into your competitor’s marketing funnels and duplicating their successes is a major stealth business practice many major players in all markets participate in.

If you have been struggling to compete in your marketplace and need a new, fresh idea to pump some lifeblood into your business, you just found a really good one.

To Summarize How To Reverse Engineer Your competition, Here’s A Short List On What To Do:

• Find one or more successful competitors.

• Optin in to their freebie offer to get on the list.

• Take note of all web pages in their funnel and document them.

• Watch all follow up emails and document them.

• Buy an upsell offer to get on your competitions buyers list.

• Notice all points where any upsells where offered to you.

• Take note of how your competition communicates with their buyers.

• Reverse engineer their funnel by executing, tweaking and applying the successful elements to your own business, products and funnel.

Now you have a blueprint you can use to reverse engineer any successful competitor in your niche.

You can borrow from their success and bring it into your own business grabbing some market share directly from your competition.


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