June, 2017

The Single Best Way To Reverse Engineer Your Competition And Gain Five Advantages

When your competition is dominating the market, you still want your piece of the action but may feel defenseless when it comes to getting your share. While there’s no real way to dissect the competition’s success model at the surface level, there’s a surefire way to get inside their digital walls to see what’s working […]

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8 Surefire Reasons To Use YouTube For Free Lead Generation

If there is any place left that still has a good level playing field, it’s YouTube. Many videos are posted for fun, entertainment, informative or as “how-to” style videos, etc. While the types of content range from anything and everything you could ever imagine and beyond, the vastness of YouTube is astounding. Just about every […]

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17 Ways To Create Authority With Your Audience

When it comes to creating authority, there are certain factors that can allow you to build trust and bonding with your audience where you can eventually develop them into your own tribe. When you have your own online tribe, this is when things can become lucrative for you. It’s a main reason that drives experts […]

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Increase Conversions Using Bullet Points

Having a well-written and concise sales letter or opt-in page can raise conversions dramatically and using bullet points help marketers organize and present information more effectively. One of the experiments that we conducted was on our optin pages for a free report, which we were giving away as a lead magnet. The information that listed […]

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